New Beverages on Tap and More


A number of changes, for the better we might add, have been made to the beverage menu at Mäni’s.

For juice lovers, we have switched to Evolution Fresh Juices which are flash pasteurized to retain the natural flavors of the fruits.

What is flash pasteurization? It is a process that brings the juice up to a certain temperature very quickly and then cools it very quickly. It is based on the idea you don’t need to "cook" a juice for a long time in order to successfully kill the organisms. Rather, if you just expose the organism briefly to its worst heat, it will die and the juice flavor won’t change a lot.

Mäni’s is introducing these brand new juices: Pomegranate, Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, Apple, Tangerine, Lemonade, Grapefruit and Carrot.  Ask your server for a sample the next time you’re in the Café.

We’ve also just replaced our fountain beverages and are proud to feature award-winning Virgil’s Root Beer and China Cola, both on tap.  Both sodas are from Reed’s, a Los Angeles company.  If you’re a Root Beer connoisseur, you can read more about Virgil’s hand-crafted and brewed root beer here.

Good News!  Original Recipe Tuna Salad Sandwich is back.

Due to popular demand, we’ve brought back the original tuna salad sandwich.  Now we offer two versions of one of our most popular sandwiches:  original and "lite."

The "lite" version uses light canola mayonnaise which has 68% less fat than regular mayo.  It is made with non-genetically engineered canola seed and soy protein.  No preservatives are used.

The next time you’re in the mood for a tuna salad sandwich, come on in and ask your server for a taste test, then you decide which is best for you.

Mäni’s Spotlight

imageEight months ago, Eric Dyrhsen joined the Mäni’s counter team and in March he was promoted to Counter Team Leader.  Eric’s positive and motivating attitude has manifested in some exciting new changes, most notable in the introduction of new beverages on the menu.

In his own words Eric says:

I cut my coffee teeth in Seattle, which is the bane of my friends’ existence when we go out for that black gold because coffee is where my assery comes out. Sometimes I’m a little too particular for my own good, but I like what I like, yeah?

I’ve been cooking longer than I have been slinging coffee. I spent some time in culinary school, but never finished, and I’ve been cooking at Table 8 for the last year and some change. While I love to cook I rarely do it for myself, and if you were to look in my fridge, you’d hear the crickets playing some melancholy tune about the cold, empty dark of my life, I mean refrigerator.

The goal is to own my own café down the road.

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