New Fab Muffin!



Say goodbye to the ordinary carrot muffin.  It’s history.  Say hello to our newest muffin:  The Morning Glory Muffin.
It’s made with fresh apples, carrots, raisins and pecans.
It’s sweetened with Mäni’s famous fruit juice reduction.  No sugar.



And most importantly, it’s delicious.  But see for yourself.

AND, for those of you who’ve read all the way through this entire story, just print this, and get two Morning Glory muffins for the price of one.  Limit 2 free muffins per customer per day.  But you can get up to 2 free each day starting tomorrow, Thursday May 31st, thru Wednesday June 6th 2007.  Supplies are limited, we may run out, but we’ll be making a bunch fresh every day.