New Menu Rookie Plates: Friend or Foe?


While we are over-indulging in our new menu’s offerings (mmm…tempeh bacon…), we know that some of our rookie plates had a rough takeoff.

Not to be discouraged, we took a glass-half-full approach with the constructive criticism we’ve received by realizing our devoted customers care enough to let us know where our shortcomings are.

One customer told us via blog comment that she was disappointed by the Vegan Black Bean & Plantain Quesadilla. Not satisfied by the consistency or moisture of the plantain, this customer’s high hopes for our new quesadilla were a bit dashed. In the same letter, she wrote that our veggie patty was not cutting it. It “used to have a nice ‘meaty’ consistency, with great flavor”, she said, while she’d experienced our new patty to “mush and crumble meekly out the side of the bun”.

Her comments were a buzz through the cafe this morning, and immediately ideas were exchanged. What can we do to make sure the plantain in the VBBP Quesadilla is consistently delicious? What’s up with the veggie patty, and how can we fix it? While opinions were voiced and potential changes were planned, we realized this customer’s insights (like many we’ve received from you) were just what we needed. It still stings a little to hear a customer’s tale of an unsatisfactory meal, but we can take it!

Your input helps us focus on what you want for your next Mani’s meal. So let us know; don’t hold back. The good and the bad, we want to hear what’s on your plate.

  1. Well…since you asked…we have been hard core Mani’s loyalists for a very long time.  Mel comes in every morning for coffee and morning bite on the way to work and we both come in for a sit down meal at least twice a week – usually including at least one breakfast on the weekends.  And, I am always bringing in groups of family and friends and have introduced many new fans to you over the years.  Not to mention all the evenings that I eat dinner and way too many desserts there while I’m studying for finals.

    That said, we’re not so happy with the new menu.  We feel like many things were taken away and nothing extraordinary was added in it’s place (although I am a fan of the new Quinoa Salad presentation.  I second the emotion about the veg burger.  I miss the balanced menu items as they were, the three-fer, toast with my tofu scramble (didn’t it come with veggie sausage before the fakin bacon?).  I can’t put my finger on everything right now, but it just feels different.

    Again, all that said, I feel good about supporting our local independent businesses, especially one that’s all about the good eats that are good for you.

    We wish you the best now and always…

    Comment by Angela  on  10/14  at  8:46 pm


  2. I went for Sunday a.m. breakfast.  Used to order tofu veg burrito.  It’s gone.  The toast is gone.  Ordered tofu scramble. $13??  Too rich for my blood, especially with the economy the way it is.  Love the effort Mani’s makes for the best quality food, and such, but the prices are too high, at least for breakfast.

    Comment by hc  on  10/27  at  11:18 am


  3. Thanks for your comments, Angela and hc. Very good feedback.

    Angela, I’m glad you found some small pleasures in the Quinoa Salad and veggie burger. Many of the “Smart & Simple” menu items can still be found on the new menu! They’re now called “Balanced Bites”. And you can still get the 3-Fer; just ask your server! The Tofu Scramble has always come with bacon, but we’d be happy to substitute veggie sausage for you! Thank you very much for your thoughtful comments.

    hc, we re-worked the Breakfast Burrito and Vegetarian Breakfast Wrap to make our new Breakfast Wrap. You can always order it with a substitution as well. You’ll be happy to know that we are having a promotion right now: all of our breakfast items are only $9 before 11 am! We hope that, in these tough economic times, that we’ll see you again soon!

    Comment by Meredith  on  10/27  at  1:39 pm


  4. I too have been a loyal customer and have noticed many unfortunate changes.  My favorite Arugula artichoke salad doesn’t have the same fresh ingredients it use to.  It was the best salad in LA, and now it has canned artichokes, the dressing is different, the green beans aren’t cooked properly.  Why all the changes?  New chef?  More economical choices?  I do have to say I still love the turkey chili, but even the sides for that are cheap.  Pre-grated cheese?  It’s not the Mani’s I know an love anymore.

    Comment by Heather  on  10/28  at  11:01 am


  5. Nice Mani’s…nice meal you serve….and from you i think we will also get some new ideas.

    Comment by Femanol  on  11/02  at  8:58 pm


  6. You’ll be happy to know that we are having a promotion right now: all of our breakfast items are only $9 before 11 am! We hope that, in these tough economic times, that we’ll see you again soon!

    Comment by Sweeterex  on  11/05  at  10:25 pm


  7. The promotion is great, but it’s only Monday to Friday, doesn’t include the weekends.  I’m a Sunday customer!

    Comment by hc  on  11/06  at  8:19 am


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