Only In LA???


Last Monday we had a group of about 10 German Bikers stop by for some healthy American food that is “Good and Good for You.”  Imagine it, 10 Harley’s parked in one parking spot out front.  Now picture 10 of them with bushy beards, tattoos, leather, etc sitting outside.  Their accents were so thick they could barely order.  They finally completed their order of some of the best breakfast items we have: California Omelets, Pecan Waffles, our delicious French Toast, etc. 

When they were through with their meal, one of them got up and came inside.  He was looking around for something more to eat when he saw a loaf of jalapeno-cheddar bread behind the counter.  He told his server, Sergio, to cut the loaf in half, throw some ham & cheese on it, and give it to him.  I think it was the biggest and most expensive sandwich we have ever served.  All I know is when I heard the roar of the bikes driving away, there was nothing left on their plates…

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