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I’ve never commented publicly before on our national issues, but I feel compelled to share my view with you.

On my way into Mäni’s this week, I was listening to a radio show.  They were discussing how the $600 billion spent on the Iraq war could have had other/better uses.

At first I thought they were referring to the ‘left’ and how liberals would have perhaps preferred the money was used for healthcare or similar societal benefits.  But then they started talking about how the ‘right’ would have used that money.  Maybe for lowering taxes or balancing the budget.

When I realized that this was not so much of a polorizing issue, it was an issue that all Americans could benefit from, it got me thinking more about how important it is to really discuss this out in the open.

So I signed up to support Senator Kennedy’s proposal to require congressional approval before force levels can be increased in Iraq.

After just raising the minimum wage of our dishwashers and other entry level restaurant workers, it just made me think, I’m I doing enough to make sure our country is doing the right thing?

I would really like to hear from you our customers.  What are your thoughts?  How important is this?  Am I in sync with our customers, or way out there?



  1. I’m one of those liberal lefties who thinks the money could be better spent on things like healthcare, education and reducing the national debt.

    And I imagine as a business owner there are conflicts. You want to keep expenses down…and you want to do right by your employees so lowering taxes would be a good thing.  But then how do we pay for things like education, highways and public services we take for granted? 

    If we’re spending $600 billion in Iraq, where do we get the money to keep our infrastructure in tact, educate our kids and stay competitive in the global scheme of things?

    Spending more in Iraq really needs to be carefully considered.  We don’t want to leave the troops without proper support, and is it really the best use of taxpayers’ dollars?

    Thanks for sharing your views.

    Comment by Denise  on  1/11  at  12:33 pm


  2. Hey Larry,

    You mentioned Senator Kennedy’s legislation in your post.  I thought it would be good for people to read the actual language of the legislation.  Here is part of an email I got from Move On: 

    Senator Kennedy goes farther than anybody else to date—we need to push senators to join him. His legislation is simple and would stop the escalation. It reads,

    Section 1. Prohibition on use of funds for escalation of United States forces in Iraq. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no Federal funds may be obligated or expended by the United States Government to increase the number of United States forces in Iraq above the number for such forces which existed as of January 9, 2007, without a specific authorization of Congress by law for such an increase.

    This Kennedy resolution would not take a dime away from the troops for equipment or other needs. We all love and support our men and women in uniform.

    If you are looking to “do something” to support this legislation, then click on this link.  It will take you to an organization called Move On that is organizing support. 


    Comment by Doug Miller  on  1/11  at  1:17 pm


  3. As a scientist, I heartily agree with careful consideration before spending HUNDREDS of billions of dollars on this war. Lately, science has had a great number of breakthroughs in important areas – Alzheimer’s, mad cow, amniotic fluid stem cells, and a new HPV vaccine. One of the first areas of funding to be cut in the last few years has been funding for scientific research. Without the funding from federal agencies, I doubt any of the medical advances above could have been made. I will step down from my soapbox now.

    There honestly are so MANY things we can do with 600 billion dollars. I feel that we ought to be fixing issues we have here at home before looking to fix the injustices in other countries. I don’t know how much of our annual budget goes to Iraq or other countries, but I’d bet that it’s a significant portion.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing your views. it always helps to hear ideas from a different perspective.

    Comment by Sophia  on  1/14  at  5:44 pm


  4. Thinking back to 9/11 and thereafter, I believe I would have voted to spend the money on security.  Keep the crazed jihadis busy in their own backyard rather than our frontyard.

    The price tag is kind of steep, about $100 billion a year and several thousand lives.  So far it’s worked; it’s hard to argue with results. 

    The best question may be, Is there/was there a cheaper more effective way?  Find one and you can be the next President.

    Comment by Dale  on  1/14  at  6:07 pm


  5. I just wonder how much Washington D.C. thinks about spending money?  Do they treat our countries budget like they would their own money?  It is always easier to spend money when it doesn’t come directly out of your own pockets.

    Comment by Garrett Cooke  on  1/16  at  3:36 pm


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