Q: Can you bake an item without certain ingredients?


Answer: In most cases, we cannot make individual items without specific ingredients. However, if a guest is purchasing an order that is large enough to fill a complete recipe, we may be able to prepare and bake their order separately. We can leave off toppings. (i.e. nuts, frosting etc.) If you have any questions, please just ask us. Come in, or call us at 323.938.8800 ext. 44!

  1. Hi Maeni,
    I bought your book, with all this wonderful recipes. For example, your Faux Nuts. But I didn’t get sweet fruit here in this area. My question would be: Can I use anything else, like Mollasses or Syrup instead of reduced fruit juice? And if so, how much?

    Many thanks,

    Comment by Manuela  on  5/23  at  3:05 pm


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