Recent Changes Improve Customer Service


If you’ve been to Mäni’s on Fairfax lately, you probably have noticed many new helpful, smiling faces behind the counter, in front of the counter, there to help you.  Please let us know if you’ve noticed a difference in customer service.  So if you’ve just stopped by to pick up some of your favorite bakery items you should be finding things a little faster.  Your feedback and suggestions have made Mäni’s more convenient to pick up a muffin, truffle heart cookie, eclair or any of your favorites. 

Also remember there is 2 hour free street parking during the day on the north side 5th Street and 2 hour free street parking on Maryland on the north side of the street in both cases just west of the alleys.  Please check the days of the week:  Monday morning is street cleaning on Maryland and Tuesday morning on 5th Street.

Also, feel free to call and have any item(s) ordered a day in advance and we’ll bake them especially for you!  Mäni’s on Fairfax is open everyday and every evening Sun-Thurs until midnite.  1AM on Fridays and Saturdays!  So stop by and see how things have improved.

Your comments are also highly sought after.  So comment here, send an email.  Or drop a suggestion card in our comment box on the front counter.  And thanks for all your support!

  1. I love the fast new service and the friendly faces, but I will have to say my first experience with the new staff didn’t go so well. I ordered a small drink and two muffins. I got a large drink, a muffin and a pastry of some sort, but then when I went to pay, I paid for a large drink, two muffins and a pastry. It is only a few bucks, but I was disappointed when I got home to find that I paid extra and didn’t even get the muffin I drove all the way over there for. Also, I was just looking for an email to send directly to you for customer service comments instead of posting here, but I couldn’t find one. Could you let me know what that is? Thanks.

    Comment by Andrea  on  8/16  at  8:20 am


  2. Andrea:
    Thank you for taking the time to let us know about the inadequate service you had recently.  We also appreciate the fact that a private email would have worked for you, however we do encourage customers to post whatever is appropriate regarding service and quality issues.  By you letting us know an area that needs improvement, allows us to zero in and address the exact situation.  We do this in order to improve further for you and for all our guests and customers.  Thanks again for taking the time to post your experience.

    Comment by Larry  on  8/16  at  4:09 pm


  3. I’ve actually had quite a different experience than Andrea. Before last week, I’ve always been a Mani’s weekender—I’ll show up for brunch on the weekends sometimes when I want a special treat and a tasty way to start the day. Just last week though, I decided to try Mani’s late at night. My two experiences picking up pastries have been great! There were always people behind the counter asking if I’ve been helped and giving recommendations to my tingling taste buds. In addition, the experiences have been very quick. I believe I was able to pop in and out within 5 minutes of my last trip! Talk about service. =) So at least you know, your efforts aren’t in vain! I’ve noticed!

    BTW, thanks for the parking tips and the suggestion to call ahead. Great reminders for all of us.

    Comment by Sophia  on  8/16  at  8:50 pm


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