Reponse to Comments on “Sugar or Not” from Dawn


Hi Dawn – thanks for your feedback, we appreciate your driving buy to pick up a box of goodies now and then. 

In response to your question from "Sugar or Not?  How do you like your bakery products?" – do our products, specifically the dipped almond shortbread, contain UNBLEACHED FLOUR?  All of our flours are first off, ORGANIC, and secondly, UN-BLEACHED, UN-ENRICHED, and TOTALLY NATURAL! 

You would be amazed, and may already know, how the enrichment and processing of most flours negatively affects the nutrients in flours.  Enriched flours are only enriched for the sake of label conformity, by USFDA regulations. 

However, in becoming enriched, they generally lose most of their nutrients, depending on the form.  Then, nutrients are added back in, but not the ones that necessarily existed originally! 

Our vendor for flours is a company called Giusto’s.  They’ve been milling mostly organic flours for over 60 years.  They describe their flours and milling process here.  We like whole grain flours, and specialty milled flours because they contain so much more nutrients and complex carbohydrates that are naturally present. I hope this answers your question.  And of course, if you have any more, please let me know.

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