See The Back of House at MÄNI’S


Take a two minute look at the back of house.  See our cake studio, kitchen and a quick view of how we make your favorite treats.  Hosted by Mäni’s founder/owner, Larry Maiman.

  1. We love Larry!!!!

    Comment by R Blue  on  5/30  at  2:06 pm


  2. So do I.  Way to go Cuz!

    Comment by Connie S. Rosen  on  6/01  at  1:00 pm


  3. wow! & sigh..I would sure love to visit Mani’s, if only it isnt so far from where I am! I have been receiving Mani’s newsletter for over a year and all those mouth-watering treats!I could only look,read about and salivate grin ..So, you lucky pple living around there, enjoy everything’s available!

    Comment by Rufina Fang  on  6/05  at  5:43 am


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