I’ve been posting blogs for our bi-weekly soup menu for about 8 months. For the first time & to my absolute surprise, I received a friendly comment from a patron, Elham. Elham shared about how much she enjoyed our Yellow Corn Soup (the “most exquisite soup” she had ever eaten) & how sad she was to find it missing from our current soup menu.  She wrote, “I am not crazy but I have tears in my eyes thinking I won’t have that again.”

I know it’s just food, but I was really touched.

Similar experience –
Last summer I had the most fabulous flavor bursting appetizer at Table 8 – heirloom tomatoes/fresh herbs/burrata cheese. It was so wonderful, I can’t even remember my entrée from that evening. The appetizer was all that mattered. When a friend mentioned having dinner there some months later, my eyes widened & I began to dream – “heirloom tomatoes, burrata cheese, heaven”. It was the first time that my friend was going to experience Table 8, my most favorite appetizer, etc. I was so excited! We sat down, menus placed in hand & without a flinch, I was tearing through the appetizer section with my eyeballs. Where was that delicious dish? I swear I had to read through that section about three times. “Did I miss it the first two times? Is there a “Specials” menu? Where is it!?!” When I inquired about the appetizer, my server explained that heirloom tomatoes were seasonal, blah blah blah. I stopped listening. I just wanted that appetizer.

Summary –
Elham, I totally GET your excitment for Yellow Corn Soup. I do & I bet there are millions of other people who could share a similar story. Your comment to my soup menu blog really made a difference & we are going to bring that Yellow Corn Soup back into the rotation this summer for you and other interested folk to enjoy! SO, This is what you get from a little tidbit of SHARING. Thank you, Elham! (and if anyone has information about that Table 8 “heirloom tomato/burrata appetizer” tasty delite, please do share)

  1. Michelle, your post about the heirloom tomatos brought me right back to my dinner last night at Maximillian’s, a French restaurant in NoHo.  The special salad was a variety of heirloom tomatos in a delicious vinaigrette on a bed of frise and baby greens.  It was fabulous.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    Comment by Denise Wakeman  on  8/04  at  12:49 pm


  2. Fabu! that the corn soup is coming back! I am jumping up and down like little kids get before they go to 6 Flags! oh and this Elham is a she.

    My sweep of the soup menu will now be less perfunctory and more anticipatory. Blessings!

    Comment by elham  on  8/05  at  2:07 am


  3. i hesitated with the name – he/she & i apologize for not confirming before posting. thank you so much for the clarification & especially for being in touch! You rock! Michelle

    Comment by Michelle Beilner  on  8/05  at  11:52 pm


  4. I still miss the vanilla heart cookies.

    Comment by long-time customer  on  8/08  at  1:04 pm


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