Since I found Mäni’s two weeks ago, I’ve thought of little else…


imageHere is what someone is saying about us… “Do you remember the Soup Nazi episode of “Seinfeld,” about a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that makes such good soup that people line up for blocks just to get a taste? Once diners get inside and reach the counter, the rules for ordering must be precisely followed, or else they are denied their soup and must leave the restaurant immediately-with no chance of redemption. In the episode, George, of course, immediately breaks the rules by asking for bread. The infuriated Soup Nazi barks, “no soup for you!” and George is booted out of the restaurant, without a lunch and out of luck.

While perhaps Mäni’s does not run as militant a restaurant regime as that of the Soup Nazi, his bakery has definitely developed a similar cult-like following of diners who can’t get enough of the decadent pastries and are willing to do almost anything to get them. I know, because since I found Mäni’s Bakery two weeks ago, I’ve thought of little else. My friend and I talk about it everyday, discussing what we’ve already tried and plotting when to go next so we can try everything else. In the last three weeks, we’ve gone three times-so much that the clerks at the register immediately recognize us and pull out a box, knowing well that we will not be buying only one dessert. Once you point out one chocolate truffle or another, the clerk swiftly wraps it and yells “next!” and you simply must keep ordering to comply with the strict orders of Los Angeles’s own version of the Soup Nazi.

Although Mäni’s offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I have to admit…”  Click here to read the rest of this online…

  1. I love it when I discover bakeries and restaurants like Mani’s. Part of you wants to tell everybody about how good it is but the other part wants to keep it a secret so it doesn’t get too crowded. I love the soup nazi episode of Seinfeld.

    Comment by restaurants in Buckhead  on  3/07  at  10:33 am


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