Soggy Non-Issue


Early last week, I advised one of my personal training clients to start using Mani’s SMART AND SIMPLE 400 CALORIE menu items for the foundation of his daily nutrition.  I suggested that he have the Pro Green Shake after his workout at the gym and order a wrap or two for later use in his day.  He quickly dismissed my suggestion because he was worried that the wrap would be soggy by the time he ate it later in the day.

Upon my return from mine and my mother’s birthday celebratory hiking trip down Havasu Canyon, my client very enthusiastically told me that he had been frequenting Mani’s everyday of the week since I left for my trip.  He couldn’t get enough of the Pro Green Shake and the New Mayan wrap.  To his (and my) surprise, the wrap did not become soggy before he ate it later in the day.  I was very pleased to hear that the wrap worked well as a prepared portable meal solution (and even more surprised that this client actually listened to my advice for once).