Spinach Poll: Are you ready to eat Spinach again?


If you used to eat spinach, when do you think you’ll start eating spinach again?

The latest warning from the Food & Drug Administration on Saturday September 23, 2006 limits the warning to three counties in California:  San Benito, Santa Clara and Monterey. That leaves all the other 55 counties in California being perfectly safe for growing, harvesting and packaging spinach.  Many farms have fine crops, waiting to be harvested, with not enough of a market to do so.  I think most of us remember why we eat spinach in the first place.  It’s good and good for you.

We’d like to get a sense of where you stand right now.  Use the comment link below to let us know:

1.  I’m ready to eat spinach now

2.  I’ll give it another 2 weeks

3.  It’s going to take longer than 2 weeks for me to start eating spinach again

Thanks for your participation!

  1. 2

    Comment by me  on  9/26  at  1:04 pm


  2. 1.

    Comment by Meg  on  9/26  at  1:09 pm


  3. I’ll give it another 2 weeks

    Comment by tom  on  9/26  at  1:24 pm


  4. 1

    I am ready to eat spinach now but no one seems to be serving it!  The problem has been isolated so let’s support the farmers and Popeye.

    Those that don’t want to eat it, certainly don’t have to but don’t punish the rest of us.

    Comment by Jennifer  on  9/26  at  2:34 pm


  5. I miss Spinach! I would eat it now.

    Comment by R Blue  on  9/26  at  3:53 pm


  6. Spinach … AAHHH yes!  Is poor Popeye turning in his celluloid grave?  So, it is my understanding that the major source of concern was the pre packaged stuff.  The loose spinach or bunch spinach was never a problem.  I have eaten some bunched spinach that I bought around the time of this scare with no ill effects.  If you wash it and cook it or even eat it raw, chewing well like mommy taught us, I’m certain the acids in your stomach will serve you well.  Therefore … bring it on in heaping piles.  Those that want, can, and those that don’t, can eat other things.  Just my humble but accurate opinion, you understand. ~;-)

    Comment by Stewart  on  9/26  at  7:46 pm


  7. Oh!  I miss spinach SO MUCH!!!  Pleeeeease feed me some SPINACH!!!  Now, please, now!!!

    Comment by strangekat  on  9/26  at  7:47 pm


  8. 1.

    I think the scare and the unavailability just made me want spinach more.

    Comment by Rossanna  on  9/26  at  8:58 pm


  9. 3

    There are a lot of other veggies with good health benefits that aren’t high risk with regard to e-coli.  Like kale, asparagus and brocoli.  That’s good enough for me.

    Comment by Steve  on  9/27  at  8:52 am


  10. I’m ready to eat spinach again. Definately not worried about cooked spinach, might wait another week or two on fresh. I think you should bring it back now though and let people decide for themselves. Maybe have a warning sticker put on the menus just so you can cover yourself legally.

    Comment by Andrea  on  9/27  at  8:58 am


  11. I don’t eat spinach until I have clarification on what the issue is/was. I don’t miss it since there are so many other greens out there which are equally and eventually even more flavourful. Lets be a bit more creative and flexible. It’s not that we have to avoid dairy!

    Comment by Evelyne Kohler  on  9/27  at  9:56 am


  12. 1.  I’m ready to eat spinach now

    Comment by B  on  9/27  at  1:52 pm


  13. 1. I was ready to eat spinach yesterday.

    Comment by Jenny  on  9/28  at  8:58 am


  14. I’m not quite ready for spinach yet. Too bad, because I really do love spinach!

    Comment by Melinda  on  9/28  at  9:59 am


  15. I’d eat it if Sergio served it… along w green eggs n ham.  yum!

    Comment by sam i am  on  9/28  at  3:22 pm


  16. 2. I know they’ve identified where it’s coming from, but there’s still lots of loose ends that aren’t tied up yet. Waiting a few weeks is fine with me. Still, I think restaurants should get back into it if they feel it’s safe. As the comments show, there are plenty of people eager to get it back.

    Quick note to Stewart: washing and cooking the infected spinach doesn’t kill the e.coli, nor does the stomach acid provide enough power to keep you from getting sick. This E. coli strain is a pretty strong bug.

    Comment by Sophia  on  9/28  at  9:23 pm


  17. I think restaurants should get back into it if they feel it’s safe.

    Comment by cheap jordans  on  4/22  at  12:15 am


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