Strawberries for May: New Pie and Blog-only Special


May is Strawberry Month and Mäni’s has created a new treat for you…

Carl Avery and Chef Jose have created a Mäni’s Bakery Cafe version of Strawberry Rhubarb pie.  Available through the summer, this new pie is wheat-free and made with strawberries and rhubarb, sweetened with fruit-juice reduction and arrowroot for thickening.  The crust is made with organic oat flour and organic palm oil shortening, water and sea salt. Pure and simple.

Grab a slice for $5.25 or a whole pie for $20.  image


The first 25 people who submit their name in the comments section below will get a free piece of Strawberry Rhubarb pie!  You must submit your name by midnight Friday night (May 12).  Your free piece of pie is available as of Saturday May 13 and you must claim your gift by Friday, May 19.  No exceptions.

  1. This pie sounds delicious…can’t wait to try it!

    Comment by Elaine  on  5/10  at  1:35 pm


  2. I would like to try a piece. Thanks!

    Comment by Melinda  on  5/11  at  11:24 am


  3. Love pie. Love Mani’s. Let’s see how the two meet!

    Comment by Tim  on  5/11  at  2:32 pm


  4. I think I already sent a note but maybe not.  I am just so excited to see another FAB dessert that’s wheat free and looks amazing, can’t wait to try it!

    Comment by Elham Jazab  on  5/12  at  12:29 am


  5. Can’t wait to try another delicious and healthy dessert creation from Mani!!

    Comment by Lucy Z  on  5/12  at  6:39 am


  6. Oh my God! when i was a little girl my mom used to make my favorite rhubarb piroshki:) I cant wait to try what’s yours taste like!!!

    Comment by Kate Berger  on  5/12  at  7:25 am


  7. I’m a big Mani’s fan….would love to try the pie.

    Comment by Emily Mayne  on  5/12  at  8:00 am


  8. yummmiee…can’t wait to try it.

    Comment by asc  on  5/12  at  8:06 am


  9. I’m always looking forward to new Mani’s recipes whenever they come out!!

    Comment by Rene  on  5/12  at  8:40 am


  10. I’ve never even tasted rhubarb, so this is doubly exciting!

    Comment by Michelle  on  5/12  at  8:43 am


  11. What a nice Mom’s Day gift—Thank you so much!!

    Comment by Chase  on  5/12  at  8:45 am


  12. I can’t wait. It sounds phenomenal!

    Comment by Shabnam  on  5/12  at  9:22 am


  13. Count me in, too!  It just wouldn’t be May without the strawberries.

    Comment by Danielle  on  5/12  at  10:02 am


  14. I am sooo excited to see this!! My favorite pie AND it is wheat free!! Thank you….

    Comment by Anne  on  5/12  at  10:07 am


  15. yes please.  anything Mani’s has got to be good. bring it on.

    Comment by Zoe  on  5/12  at  10:15 am


  16. At last, a strawberry rhubarb pie I can actually try since it’s fruit sweetened! Yay! Thanks!!!

    Comment by Melinda Lewis  on  5/12  at  2:22 pm


  17. Be-bop-a-re-bop strawberry-rhubarb pie!  Thanks for offering!

    Comment by Sylvia Deily  on  5/12  at  7:51 pm


  18. OH YEAH, BABY …. give me some PIE!!!!!
    We love mani’s!!

    Comment by W. Tucker  on  5/12  at  8:02 pm


  19. I love the spinach nest, the heart cookie, the coffee, the excellent wait staff, and now, perhaps the rhubarb pie!

    Comment by Jennifer Dozier  on  5/12  at  8:08 pm


  20. Yum yum thank you Mani’s!!!!!

    Comment by Jenny Y  on  5/12  at  8:58 pm