Substitutions – You Voiced Your Opinions


As most of you probably know from posting your comments and reading the comments from other guests, YOU have been involved in this issue.  Here’s the official tally as of today:  19 people support substitutions on the 400 calorie menu and 7 said no, leave it as designed.

We’ve decided that overall customer satisfaction is more important than having something be exactly as we developed it.  Since we’re here for you in the first place, being overly rigid, is really not our intention.  We want to expose healthier food and nutritional ideas to people, not force anyone to follow a specific regimen.  So within the next week or so, we’ll be working out ways to accommodate substitutions for a modest charge of $1 to $2.

Here’s some excepts from comments:

Speaking as someone who has allergies to certain foods – such as carrots – and being a vegetarian, I always appreciate it when places make substitutions for me…

Offer the choices and let the customer order what he or she wants.  That way, he or she will be happy.

If someone wants the 400 cal balanced version, great.  if they want to substitute, great too.

I think the 400 calorie menu is great!  I like going to restaurants that offer me this sort of healthy option.  I say keep it as it is.

There are alot more comments written at the end of the original post.  Click Mäni’s Smart & Simple Menu (400 calorie) Question

We’re going to look at our overall substitution policy on our regular menu as well and see how that can also be changed to make it easier to satisfy our guests, our kitchen, and our servers.

We’ll continue to make quality, healthier food and bakery goods.  Food that’s good and good for you, so let us know what you think.

Thanks for your continued support.  All of us at Mäni’s appreciates your business, the time you spend at our blog, and coming to Mäni’s on Fairfax.

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