Sugar is Really Good For Something


A couple of years ago I received a hummingbird feeder for Christmas.  I thought it was cool and love to watch those tiny birds buzz around, but I couldn’t come up with a place to put the thing that would allow viewing easily.

So I stuck the contraption, still in its box, in the garage.  Of course then it was out of sight and out of mind, until yesterday.  During our recent cold snap, I noticed a tiny bird outside my window, looking for a flower to feed on.  Jogging my memory about the feeder, I dusted off the box and opened it and read the instructions.

I read how to make nectar.  One part sugar, four parts water.  But how could the founder of Mäni’s accept feeding sugar to some lovely creatures?  So I spent the next hour combing the internet and found out yes, it’s true, the best nectar is pure sucrose watered down.  I even read Audubon Society postings and they verifed the information.  Only pure sugar and water.
But when you think about hummingbirds, it makes sense.  Because these little birds spend most of their time flapping their wings 50 to 90 times a second!  That’s over 300,000 flaps per hour.  Therefore they must have a diet that gives them extremely high energy, constantly.  So let’s leave the sugar for those guys!


  1. Sugar isn’t all bad.  Even when it comes to nutrition there is a time and a place that simple sugars are beneficial for the human body.  Immediately before and after exercise sugar actually helps the human body recover faster.

    Comment by Garrett Cooke  on  1/16  at  3:16 pm


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  3. Hummingbirds drink nectar, a sweet liquid inside certain flowers. Like bees, they are able to assess the amount of sugar in the nectar they eat; they reject flower types that produce nectar that is less than 10% sugar and prefer those whose sugar content is stronger.

    Comment by pet head stones  on  4/01  at  1:16 am


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