Summer From The Staff at Mäni’s on Fairfax


We’ve spent the first part of this week training and preparing to bring you new delicious and fun foods to enjoy this summer. image
And I must say we had a pretty good time preparing for it! 

Here we are training on the menu changes, new items, tasting and discussing…

Here is a summary of what is new on the menu: 3 new delicious summer salads, a Breakfast Parfait, a new Lemon cake, and 2 scrumptious cold soups. 

Here is a summary of what is in the brand new 400 Calorie menu: 2 tasty omelets, 2 amazing scrambles, 2 yummy wraps, and a pita.  And finally there are 3 new “It’s All About Summer” drinks: Watermelon Juice, Mint Lemonade, and a Pro Green Shake.  (The shake is also a part of the 400 Calorie Menu.)