Summer’s Not Over….Yet!


Don’t be fooled!  Labor Day is not the true ending of summer.  We still have another 18 days to go!  For those of you who spent the weekend at the beach, barbeques, pool parties, or just relaxing with friends or family, you still have some more summer living!

Summer doesn’t officially end until the Autumnal Equinox begins.  On September 23rd, the sun will cross the celestial equator.  This basically means that the degree at which the earth is positioned in it’s rotation around the sun, is such that the suns rays are hitting directly at the equator.  Whereas, at the beginning of summer, the sun rays hit at the tropic of cancer. 

What happens?  Every point on Earth will, for one day, experience 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of daylight.  And then?  The daylight begins to get shorter as we approach winter, the South Pole the will begin to see the first appearance of the sun in six months, and the North Pole will be bracing for six months of darkness. image
So, stay with the warmth until it actually goes away, and everything starts to change.  Enjoy our summer fare while it lasts, because when fall hits, we will have all sorts of new things on our menu for you to try.

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