Thank You For Making Last Night a Huge Success



PHOTO (l-r): Dan, Mäni’s FOH manager; Kristina, Mäni’s pastry chef; Larry Maiman, Mäni’s founder; Tracey Kardash, vice president of development for Jewish
Big Brothers Big Sisters (JBBBS); and Rick Cigel, a JBBBS big brother and Mäni’s patron

June 22, 2007
Contact: Dan Witzling (323) 456-1151

Mäni’s Bakery raises $2000 for Camp Max Straus, benefiting underserved L.A. youth

Los Angeles – Last night, Mäni’s Bakery Café premiered their new healthy flourless chocolate cake at a tasting event with 100% of the proceeds benefiting Camp Max Straus.  The tasting event raised just over $2000 in a three-hour period and with approximately 40 attendees and donations related to the event.  The event also brought out a few surprise visitors, with a number of invited guests from Mäni’s owner, Larry Maiman, and other Mäni’s patrons disclosing they had once been campers at Camp Max Straus as well.

Mäni’s new flourless chocolate cake uses fruit juice reduction and Scharffenberger dark chocolate.  The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that dark chocolate can lower high blood pressure and is rich in antioxidants. 

Camp Max Straus provides year-round residential and weekend mentoring programs for underserved children between the ages of 7-12 who primarily come from single (or substitute) parent homes regardless of their ability to pay.  The camp is non-denominational and is owned and operated by Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles. It serves approximately 1,500 children each year. 

PHOTO (l-r): Dan, Mäni’s staff member; Kristina, Mäni’s new gourmet pastry chef; Larry Maimon, Mäni’s owner; Tracey Kardash, vice president of development for Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters (JBBBS); and Rick Cigel, a JBBBS big brother and Mäni’s patron

Founded in 1915, Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles specializes in mentoring children through its core matching program, school-based mentoring program and Camp Max Straus residential, Sports Buddies and Arts Buddies programs.  The organization specializes in mentoring children through its extensive network of volunteers and staff, benefiting approximately 2,000 children annually.  For more information or volunteering opportunities, visit 

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