Thanks Scot Sax



We’d like to thank Scot for all his support, patronage and enthusism about and for Mäni’s.  Also thanks for the acknowledgement on your Debut Album.  Come by and see us at Mäni’s on Fairfax when you get to L.A.

Larry and your friends at Mäni’s

  1. For the past 5 or so years Mani’s has been a wonderfully inspiring place for both my mind and stomach.
    I write songs and I highly recommend the corner booth by the baked stuff for lyric/journal writing! hello to gerry (j? or g?) sergio and larry. missing you all here on the East Coast. Without Mani’s on Fairfax I’d be 20,000 songs shorter and 20,000 Venice Burgers lighter.

    Comment by Scot Sax  on  10/27  at  2:38 pm