These are a few of my favorite things


Michelle’s Favorite Things:
(I do graphic design/visual stuff here in case you ever wondered who I was. The work that I do for the restaurant is visable, but I may remain unknown to most.)


Matcha Latte with Vanilla Soy
hot when I’m cold & iced when I’m hot
If you are interested in learning more about this fun drink, then you can simply ask a Mäni’s Team Member next time you are in, or read a previous blog on our Matcha

Latte with % milk
whole milk is kind of overwhelming, skim doesn’t hold the flavor of the espresso & soy never quite did it for me in the context of a latte
Since I like my latte’s to have a very specific flavor/consistency, I order them with a mixture of whole & skim. Call me crazy!


Peach Turnover
I’ve mentioned this item before in a previous peach turnover blog posting, which you can check out. There is something so fantastically wonderful about this pastry & at certain points in the year, I’ve had it just about every morning for breakfast. Can you say addict?

According to a former Mäni’s Team Member who studied culinary arts, the prefix “bi” in BISCOTTI implies twice baked. She also informed me that the Biscotti from Mäni’s was only baked once & therefore was named incorrectly. However you want to slice it, this cookie is fantastic & I love it & I will eat it as long as it’s there to eat! 


1. Yam Breakfast Wrap
Carl and I talked about this fantastic breakfast option before it appeared on the menu. It’s a combination of foods that I happen to fancy – yams, avocado, eggs, tomatoes, black beans & salsa, wrapped in to a tasty bundle! The salsa is key to your full enjoyment of this item.
2. NEW Breakfast Parfait (heaven, thanks to fabulous Chef Jose!)
Light, fresh, healthy & so yummy!

Lunch & Dinner
1. Ultimate Veggie Burger
I can never finish the whole thing, so it may be nice to split with a friend. The patty is super plump & delicious & I would highly recommend getting chips & salsa as a side to compliment this yummy dish. Maybe extra salsa if you love condiments as much as I do (fyi – on a scale of 1-10, condiments are a really easy 10 for me).
2. Hummas Yogurt Wrap
This is one of my most favorite wraps, especially with tofu. Awesome flavor, great textures & what more can I say, it’s something that I enjoy!

If you have any favorites, we’d all love to hear!

  1. Wow, Michelle,you really made me hungry for a meal at Mani’s!  I wish I lived closer.  I think the Yam Breakfast Wrap is on the list for my next visit.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Comment by Denise Wakeman  on  7/21  at  5:42 am


  2. Hummus, yummus—the hummus wrap sounds delish.

    Comment by Steve Gottfried  on  7/21  at  8:14 am