Today a few blocks from Mäni’s on Fairfax, Demonstrators Protest the War in Iraq


This evening, a demonstration at the corner of Wilshire & Fairfax, was heating up as rush hours drivers cheered with their horns to the signs carried by passionate Angelenos.

Horns could be heard practically constantly, showing support for the demonstrators before tonight’s scheduled Senate filibuster on ending the war soon.

The event was in front of the L A County Museum of Art, formerly the May Company department store.  Visitors from events at LACMA often find Mäni’s a wonderful neighborhood respite after a visit there.

  1. It’s about time.  Now we need an impeachment rally.

    Comment by Steve  on  7/19  at  7:57 am


  2. it’s true Now we need an impeachment rally.

    Comment by air jordan 22  on  6/22  at  6:58 am