Training To Improve Customers’ Experience


imageSome of you may know about our recent new hire, Doug Miller, our People and Culture Manager.  Doug has joined the Mäni’s team to empower and develop staff to make customers experiences at Mäni’s better and more enjoyable while making the team job more rewarding.  A win-win situtation as we say.  So Doug has put together a training and orientation to better educate new hires, and train each new hire to be as effective as possible in their new jobs. 

Doug comes to Mäni’s as a 10 year old customer.  Not that he’s 10 years old, but a customer for 10 years!  It’s kind of a dream come true.  Now he’s here to enjoy his favorite chocolate truffle heart cookie and get his employee discount!

Come by and say hello.  He loves to meet EVERYBODY!!!

  1. Welcome, Doug!

    Comment by Travis Smith  on  6/01  at  10:10 am


  2. Just today I completed my first week of mani’s education program for new employees.  Not only do i now know the infamous history of mani’s, but i have also tasted just about everything on the menu!  The passion behind our products and services makes me very proud to be a part of such an amazing team.  When you believe in what you do life finds harmony within the rhythms of everyday interactions.  This is why I am genuinely enthusiastic to share in your experience here at mani’s, so please stop by to try some of my favorite menu items, such as, our vegetarian chili with a gluton free blue and yellow corn muffin on the side, the tofu hash or maybe a cup of organic white silver needle tea!  I look forward to meeting you!

    Comment by sherri kohler  on  6/02  at  3:12 pm