Traveling “Smart and Simple” Results


Last week, in my Traveling “Smart and Simple” Experiment blog, I expressed the objectives of our little experiment.  My results are as follows:

New Mayan (still great up to 6+ hours after preparation) –
I find that taking the “New Mayan” to go and eating it refrigerated adds an interesting dichotomy to the wrap because of it’s mildly, spicy tang (eating a spicy dish hot possesses a whole different dynamic than eating that same spicy dish cold).  Personally, with my schedule, I eat about half of my meals cold and half of them hot throughout the week.  The “New Mayan’s” dichotomy effectively creates two similar but different wrap options depending on if it is consumed hot or cold.

P.S.  Sogginess was not an issue

Al Carciofi (still great up to 6+ hours after preparation) –
“Al Carciofi’s” integrity is not compromised if you don’t decided to consume this wrap right away or all at once.  “Al Carciofi” is served cold (except for the multigrain wrap being grilled), so take-out is almost exactly the same as dine-in with this item.  Because “Al Carciofi’s” multigrain wrap does not get soggy and fall apart, I highly recommend this item for take-out, dine-in or a combination of both.

Pita Stop (20+ hours later/next day) –
The “Pita Stop” possesses that hot or cold option.  Both the “Pita Stop” and “Garden Patch” performed superbly largely because of the pita pocket.  The pita pocket didn’t have any problem with getting soggy or drying out.  Obviously the garden burger was cold when I ate it, but I honestly might like the garden burger better cold than hot (haven’t decided yet, this was the first time I have consumed it cold). 

Fountain of Youth (20 hours later/next day) –
I wasn’t sure how the “Fountain of Youth” was going to hold up with the moisture created by the tuna and yogurt combination.  Surprisingly it held up much better than I thought, but it was rather messy by the time I consumed it 20 hours after preparation.  The multigrain wrap was damp, but it was not even soggy enough to start falling apart.  This was the first time that I had tasting the new fall “Smart and Simple” items.  I was very impressed with the taste even after 20 hours of travel in a mini lunch cooler.

Garden Patch (24 hrs. later/next day) –
I am pleased to report that the “Garden Patch” performed good as new in the Traveling “Smart and Simple” Experiment.  I was in such a hurry to get to the airport that it didn’t dawn on me to pack the vegan ranch dressing on the side while transporting this item.  Even with the vegan ranch dressing in the pita for 24 hours, we couldn’t even cause the pita pocket to get soggy and messy. 

No Stada (20 hours later/next day) –
The “No Stada” was incredible.  The “No Stada” could probably perform just as well after another day. We made one preparation change to the “No Stada,” and that was to postpone squeezing the fresh limejuice onto the item until time of consumption (definitely worth the effort of freshly squeezing the lime yourself).  I was really impressed.

  1. I am not really clear what this list is for?  Can we get a summary?  Thanks!

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  2. I am sorry if my recent blog was not clear to everyone.  I have added a link that will take you back to last weeks Traveling “Smart and Simple” Experiment blog entry.  This should clear up the confusion.

    Comment by Garrett Cooke  on  10/20  at  8:02 am


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