Valentine’s Day for 6 days


Due to popular customer requests, this year we’ll have Valentine’s Day products starting on Friday February 9th!  Most of our special items will be available, so why wait until next Wednesday?  When you come by anytime between Friday and Valentine’s Day, you’ll be pleased to find these tasty new items.
Many our of our special items are designed for two servings, but who says you can’t buy one, eat half and save the other half for the next day?

FYI, the 4” sweetheart cakes may become a new standard item, if you really like them.  Imagine a mini cake for one or two for only 14 bucks?  In chocolate with chocolate truffle cream, a fruit juice sweetend raspberry forever cake or a vegan carrot raisin cake.  So let’s hear from you.  Now’s your chance.  We need your input.  Thanks!

  1. I would love the 4” sweetheart cakes to become a standard item.  The cakes you mentioned would be great or any others.  There are times when my husband and I would like to enjoy one of your cakes, but do not because we don’t need that much. 

    Thank you for always being open to explore ways to enjoy your items.

    Wendy Holt

    Comment by Wendy Holt  on  2/10  at  3:26 pm


  2. Hi Larry –
    Yes – the 4” cakes are a great idea.  Why not have people vote on your entire V-day special products?  Then keep the top choices in constant rotation with your other products (if space is an issue).

    In fact, what about having a “Heart” Line of your love products, and, like Bono’s Red campaign, contribute a small portion to your favorite charity – Or, join the Red campaign… Good PR and for me, good eatin’!
    Thanks for your good work Larry
    – one of your biggest fans

    Comment by KRS  on  2/11  at  9:31 pm


  3. The 4-inch sweetheart cakes would be a great addition to the bakery. We would probably buy these more often because we could go through it easily unlike the bigger cakes. At the very least, you should have it as a special order item.

    Comment by Jamie  on  2/13  at  2:20 pm


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