Vanity Fair: It’s Oscar Time


In the current issue, March 2006 edition of Vanity Fair Magazine, you will find Mäni’s Bakery Café , nestled in the “Guide to a Perfect Day in L.A.”

In December, we spoke with Condé Nast about the possibility of being in their Magazine, Vanity Fair.  We sent everything off, and didn’t hear anything back, until today! 

The “Mr. Smith” of the article finds himself in need of a cake and cookies for a friend’s Birthday Party, and stops by Mäni’s Bakery Cafe for sugar free desserts.  Looking quite dapper, and carrying a gift wrapped box, Mr. Smith is quite pleased with his selection.

Of course, as many of you know, we are the place in LA to get cakes for any occasion.  If I might take a moment just to tell you my favorites, and how to choose a cake!  I always have customers tell me their first preference, chocolate or no chocolate?  Vegan or not vegan?  Sugar-free, or organic evaporated cane sugar.  Those are the three most important questions.  And from there, it gets easier.  Oh yes, my favorites are the Chocolate Raspberry Fortress Cake (Fruit Juice Sweetened), and the Strawberry Forever Cake (Organic Cane Sugar).

Really, choosing anything from our case stocked to the brim with naturally and alternatively sweetened bakery items, is done this way.  So, come prepared, or not, and let us help you choose the appropriate desserts for your party, casual get together, or intimate Valentine’s Dessert.  Thanks to Vanity Fair and Condé Nast!