Vegan Wedding Cakes As Seen on KTLA Channel 5 TV in LA



Tune in this Thursday, February 14th to see Mani’s vegan wedding cakes featured in a KTLA TV, channel 5 news segment about green weddings!

Our fabulous pastry chef Kristina Montaine was interviewed about how she has perfected our vegan cakes and why it is something everyone should try. We were told that the story will be airing a few times throughout the day so we hope you catch it!

  1. They have wood dowls that you can put in the middle of the cake. Get about 3-4 of them and just slide them through all the layers. Make sure the dowls are long enough to go through all but the top layer. Nothing will slide around. Extra icing is easy, just make sure you use the same kind.

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  2. i did a cake decorating course when i was younger which my mum arranged for me. she just asked in the local cake decorating shop, dont know if you have one near you. you could google it to find your nearest. i dont think books are much use except to refresh your memory of what you have learnt, there are techniques that are quite difficult to master unless some one has shown you especially flower making as its very fiddly. oh the shop was in erdington in birmingham long time ago though! check out.
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  3. Depending where you live, it can be difficult to find a place, but not impossible. Check with local health foods stores, organic markets and vegan/vegetarian groups and shops. Someone can usually give you a name or two. That’s how I discovered that some regular bakeries are able to make vegan cakes, but you have to make a bunch of phone calls to find them. Break out the yellow pages if you have to. Some people I contacted were downright rude about it, but when I finally found the bakery that was able to make my cake, they were really quite accomodating.

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  4. These are just gorgeous!  I love that vegan can be just as beautiful as anything else!  This will be so important to my animal-lover brides!  Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Pretty cake design smile Perfect for weddings. Thanks for sharing.
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  6. what a gorgeous cake!  is it really vegan?  i wonder how it tastes and if it can be made as rich as a non-vegan cake.

    Comment by hanna faris  on  11/22  at  12:09 pm


  7. You need to come by and see for yourself! smile

    Comment by Larry Maiman  on  11/23  at  11:50 am