We are looking for a few awesome Mäniacs…


image  We are looking for a few amazing people to come join our team.  Does this picture look like you or someone you know…

If you have visited us lately, you know that it is an exciting time here on Fairfax.  We just launched a hugely successful new menu.  We are fulfilling our mission of “Living a life of balance” with the 400 calorie menu section.  We are educating our employees, customers, and not yet customers about nurturing and supporting our bodies through nutrition. 

Basically, Mäni’s is “Good and Good for You.” 

So, here is the latest Blog Only Special.  If you know someone that would make a great Mäniac team member, send them in on Monday between 3-5 PM for our hiring fair.  (519 S. Fairfax Ave.)  We will be conducting interviews and hiring people to enter our extensive training program.  Oh, did I mention that we offer health benefits, paid vacation, and amazing employee discounts? 

If someone mentions your name, you are subscribed to our blog feed (through FeedBlitz – click here) and we hire them, we will give you a Mäni’s “It’s All About Summer” Gift Card. 

  1. Funny, that picture DOES look like me…

    Comment by Steph  on  7/14  at  4:58 pm


  2. Steph, are you the person that is 2nd from the right?

    Comment by Doug Miller  on  7/17  at  11:21 am


  3. is there a person called noah at the picure/in the staff, who lived in germany for a long time?

    Comment by anna  on  8/13  at  3:48 am


  4. Unfortunately he’s no longer at Mäni’s.

    Comment by Larry Maiman  on  8/13  at  4:10 pm