Weight Management Lesson #1 – Part 4


Lets wrap up “Weight Management Lesson #1.”  Depending on your weight management goal, choose the following option that fits your goal.

Weight Management Options:

1.  If your goal is to lose weight, you need to consume up to 500 fewer calories throughout the day than you burn (restricting your consumption by more than 500 calories per day below your daily caloric expenditure could result in unwanted muscle loss).
2.  If your goal is to gain weight, you need to consume up to 500 more calories throughout the day than you burn (consuming more than 500 calories per day above your daily caloric expenditure could result in an unwanted gain of body fat).
3.  If your goal is to maintain your weight, you need to keep an equal balance between the number of calories that you consume and burn throughout the day.

Most people do not realize their bodyweight goals because there is not a quick fix method for changing your bodyweight in a healthy manner.  You’re level of commitment and determination will be the only limiting factors on your potential to obtain whatever your goals are for your bodyweight and life.

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