What is your favorite NEW item?


imageEarlier this week we did tasting and training sessions for the new “It’s All About Summer” menu.  The Mäni’s team members tasted and learned about every new item.  So, please ask them for their thoughts and opinions during your next visit.  Everyone is excited and ready to share. 

Here is a summary of what is new on the menu: 3 new delicious summer salads, a Breakfast Parfait, a new Lemon cake, and 2 scrumptious cold soups.  Here is a summary of what is in the brand new 400 Calorie menu: 2 tasty omelets, 2 amazing scrambles, 2 yummy wraps, and a pita.  And finally there are 3 new “It’s All About Summer” drinks: Watermelon Juice, Mint Lemonade, and a Pro Green Shake.  (The shake is also a part of the 400 Calorie Menu.)

A funny thing happened when the tasting with the team members was over each day.  The way it works is that our incredible Chef Jose puts together a plate of each new item in order for the team members to see the presentation.  Then he creates mini-portions for each of the team members to taste.  It is an awesome way to taste a lot of food and not get too full. 

It was comical to witness what occurred when the tasting was complete.  The team members liked the new items so much that as soon as we were done they rushed the table at the front and immediately started snatching up the preview plates (the full portions of the food we were tasting) to eat them.  It was quite a mob scene. 

Here is the embarrassing part of this story.  I was right there with them.  And the item I was reaching for was the new Breakfast Parfait.  This item is amazing, refreshing, and filled with incredible tastes.  Here is how it is presented:

Breakfast Parfait
Healthy and stunning breakfast with vanilla yogurt, carrot-orange reduction sauce, our famous homemade granola, fresh peach, fresh cherries, and banana.

Make sure that you try this next time you are in.  If for some strange reason it doesn’t meet your expectations, let us know and we won’t hesitate to replace it with something else. 

As you taste the new “It’s All About Summer” items, please log on and share your experience with the rest of the readers of this blog.

  1. The breakfast parfait looks delicious.  Is it offered with soy yogurt?

    Comment by Aya  on  6/22  at  2:15 pm


  2. That parfait DOES look yummy but the watermelon juice is what caught my attention.  I subscribe to your blog and yet I haven’t managed to get myself over to you place in a very long time.  My family loves your sugar-free cakes and we’ve been wanting to try that new cookie you blogged about in May.  Keep blogging and eventually, you’ll lure is un there!

    BTW – I wish the Sugar-Free Mocha Cake was still on the Cake menu.  We adored that cake.

    Comment by Lisa P  on  6/24  at  6:17 am


  3. Hi Aya-Starting today, Monday, we will be offering it with Soy Yogurt.  We got it in last wednesday, and were making sure it would work well, and it does!

    Comment by Carl Avery  on  6/26  at  7:47 am


  4. I had the breakfast parfait last week and it was AMAZING!  Honestly, it was one of the yummiest things I’ve ever had.  It was light and fresh, but the granola made it heavy enough to feel like I’d eaten a full breakfast.  Amazing.  I think I’ll go back and get another one today.  smile

    Comment by Amy  on  6/26  at  9:27 am


  5. Hi Lisa P. – We usually make any cakes that have been discontinued available as a special order.  For example the Raspberry Rhapsody cake is now only available as a special order.  It has been replaced with a mouth watering Lemon Cake.  So, it is always good to give us a call and check about special ordering those things you adore.  Carl is looking to see if we can still make the Mocha Cake as a special order.  Stay tuned… I will let you know…

    Comment by Doug Miller  on  6/26  at  11:36 am


  6. I absolutely love the new mint lemonade-sooooo refreshing!

    Comment by Kim  on  6/27  at  11:19 am