What’s Up In The Dough Department?


If you owned and operated Mäni’s Famous Bakery Cafe on Fairfax and you thought you had a star baker, young and enthusiastic, what would you do?  Yes, you’re correct, that’s the situation I found myself in, so I said: “How would you like to take a course a California’s formost institution of higher learning for bakeries?” 

OMG! was the reply, so Joel is off to San Francisco Baking Institute
You see, I’m aware that I’m living vicariously through my amazing staff.  That’s why we have so much fun here and do new things.  Actually at this point we have more new products coming online than ever before in such a short period of time. 

But back to Joel.  I think we have a win-win situation on our hands.  He has a bakery to create and succeed in and Mäni’s has a new star, maybe even a super star.  Joel is just back from the city by the bay and very anxious to put his new ideas into new products for YOU, and me too, since I love trying every single new product.  It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

Gee, am I the lucky one or what!

  1. nicely done joel…can’t wait to taste what’s cooking!

    Comment by rainmaker  on  6/01  at  5:57 pm


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