What’s Your Favorite Item at Mäni’s?


Most weekday mornings on my way to work I stop by Mäni’s to pick up my favorite item the Peach Turnover. If you’ve ever tried this wonderful breakfast pastry, you’d have to agree! Fresh juicy peaches contained in the most perfectly delicate crust. It’s so good, that the thought of it actually lifts me out of bed in the morning!


What’s your favorite item at Mäni’s? I’d love to hear!

  1. My very favorite menu item – although hard to choose – is the VEGAN CARROT MUFFIN. Last time I visited Los Angeles I took 4 home – I dream of them daily!

    Comment by Irvonne Newman  on  2/28  at  11:49 am


  2. Hard to pick one:  chocolate truffle heart cookie, or the pumpkin cranberry muffin; no wait, the chocolate dipped macaroon…I can’t decide!

    Comment by Denise  on  3/01  at  11:54 am


  3. I have only experienced one item at Mani’s.
    Last year, my daughter graduated from LMU and I
    prepared a luncheon for her after the ceremonies.
    I’d ordered a cake from Mani’s – it was the Strawberry cake.  I don’t remember the correct
    name of it, but all I can say, is that it was simply out of this world!  Just fantastic and
    ultimately delicious.  I don’t typically eat a lot
    of sweets but I couldn’t get enough of that cake!!
    Ask anybody who knows me!

    Although I have some health issues, I felt reasonably comfortable in indulging myself in this
    cake because Mani’s uses whole food (healthy)
    ingredients in their products, which is why I ordered the cake from
    them in the first place.

    Keep up the good work Mani’s.  Can’t wait ‘til the
    next time I’m in town;  I’d like to come in and
    dine at your cafe.

    Comment by Teri McGlover  on  3/28  at  2:51 pm


  4. Black Bottom Banana Cream Tart.  Need I say more?

    Comment by Celebrity Foods  on  2/29  at  4:47 pm


  5. Chocolate cake or cookies. I like them!

    Comment by Anshir  on  6/15  at  4:42 am