Where do Mäniacs hang out?


Mäni’s on Fairfax is a place where people tend to hang out, have a coffee, enjoy a fantastic dessert and a great, healthy meal. But where do you hang out when you’re not at Mäni’s? Where do you hang out when you’re online?  Do you belong to any social networks?  We want to know!  Please take our survey and let us know where you hang out when you’re on the web.

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  1. I’m also a part of Friendster. Most people I know are on Facebook, but I’ve held back from signing onto another social network.

    Comment by Sophia  on  1/05  at  6:42 pm


  2. Mani’s is my main social network.
    Who needs anything more?

    Comment by Steve  on  1/06  at  2:17 pm


  3. Sophia & Steve!
    We can always count on you two for the first two responses! 

    Thanks for all your help and support.

    And we need more supporters like you.  That’s why we’re asking about social networking sites. 

    It’s important to know where people like you can be found!


    Comment by Larry Maiman  on  1/07  at  5:35 pm


  4. I’m also on Friendster & Yelp!

    Comment by Sarah  on  1/08  at  2:02 pm


  5. Hi Larry,
    I’m a writer and I go to a lot of movie screenings hosted by creative screenwriter magazine.  In addition to Mani’s some of my other
    favorite places to hang out are the Grove, Borders
    and the gym.  And other eateries like Urth Cafe and Joan’s on 3rd.  And even though I’m not officially in the Writers Guild, I’ve participated in the picketing to show solidarity.
    Hope that helps.

    Comment by Steve  on  1/08  at  4:53 pm


  6. Steve,& Sarah, thanks, we really appreciate your input!

    Comment by Larry Maiman  on  1/09  at  12:52 pm


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