Will You Vote For Mäni’s on Fairfax?


FoxTV in LA is running a competition for Best Bakeries.  Will you vote for us?  We sure hope so, because we want to win! 

Just click: MyFox LA

I’m not sure how many votes we need, but we’ll keep you posted as we move up the list.

With your support we can win.

  Tell your friends to vote and/or try us!


  1. I voted!  Good luck.

    Comment by Denise Wakeman  on  10/09  at  8:34 am


  2. Thanks Denise.  Every vote counts!

    Comment by Larry Maiman  on  10/09  at  3:00 pm


  3. I voted too!  Easy as pie—like your delicious pecan pie.  Good luck—you guys deserve it.

    Comment by Steve  on  10/11  at  10:05 am


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