You asked and we responded…


imageIf you have been around Mäni’s on Fairfax during the evening on a weekend, you have probably noticed that we have gotten quite popular.  I am not sure if it is because of the amazing menu that our very own Chef Jose created for summer.  (Make sure you get here and try the Summer Grain salad before it goes away!)  Or if is because of the awesome bakery items that make us a perfect dessert stop on the way home.  Or maybe it was a couple of comment cards in the customer feedback box on the front counter.  (Yes, we do read them!) 

Based on all this we have decided to add more team members to the floor during the weekend evenings.  What does this mean for you?  Prompt and attentive service in a relaxing and nurturing environment.  So, stop by and say hi to everyone working… and grab a slice of pie, a piece of cake, or a cookie.  By the way, did you know that our kitchen is cooking food all the way till midnight on Friday and Saturday nights?  Just in case you get a craving.

Here is what a few other customers have let us know:

“I love this diner.  Its simple yet inviting decor is soothing and the food is GREAT!”

“Thanks for starting to offer a few gluten free items.  The Rasin Scone is yummy”

“Nice Makeover”

“Please start bottling and selling your Caesar Dressing.  It ROCKS!”

“The Protein Salad was amazing.  You need more servers on Saturday nights.”

Please let us know your thougths.  What are we doing well?  What could we do more better or different?  It is an exciting time here at Mäni’s!

  1. hi there mani’s peops
    we are a huge fan and have always noticed the hustle and bustle at mani’s new menu or not.. we are concerned that waiting an hour for breakfast on the weekend is a bit exasperating and really we always go to mani’s to avoid the long wait on the weekends and busy eves… because the service is impeccable and its 5 star compared to doughboys and toast down the street… mani’s is our first choice always because people and service are tops.. and now we find ourselves considering the other places because… its turning out that the wait is no different.. whether standing or sitting at a table for an hour——

    in addition… we’ve noticed a non flexibility of former days that seems more rigid now.. especially with the 400 calorie menu…

    and when a customer wants something..its usually best to accomommodate the customer… this keeps them coming back to get that special something.. at mani’s—and nowhere else

    i recently ordered the mediteranean dish—and asked for some variation.. and not worried about the calories.. just wanted a variation—- no bend on that—-i wanted to get the full egg, not just whites
    in addition,,,, i wanted turkey sausage not veggie…
    i know… i know… its calorie limited
    but i like the size of the dish ..i have a tiny stomach… and dont need alot of food
    what’s up with the rigidity… and dont be telling me its time consuming…—-

    Comment by debbie Gilbertson  on  8/29  at  1:58 pm


  2. Hi Debbie-
    We really appreciate the feedback.  There are two things we focus most of our energy on:
    YOU, and the FOOD. 

    I think that most of the time, that is apparent.  Sometimes, though, it’s hard to see why we do certain things. 

    It isn’t the first time that your question has come up, just the first time on the blog.  Let me explain a little bit about the idea.

    The 400 calorie menu is designed for those who are interested eating more than 3 times a day, and knowing what their macronutrient intake is.  If we make modifications for people who aren’t interested in the concept, we won’t know who is really interested, and we won’t be able to grow the concept for those customers. 

    Now, you bring up a good point: rigidity.  I really want to change that idea, and help you, and others, feel more comfortable about it.  For all of the breakfast items, you can make that item, customized, in other places on the menu.  Yes, the portion might be bigger, but it is roughly the same price.  I would advise that you build your own breakfasts (omelettes or scrambles), and make it just the way that you want.  And, you can even tell them you don’t want toast, or potatoes, if you don’t want them!

    Sometimes, I go out to eat, and tell the servers, i don’t want certain things that come with my meal. 

    I have a question, have you noticed rigidity in other areas?  Let me know, because I want to make sure you are satisfied in other areas. 

    In terms of the wait on the weekends and evenings, we are constantly making changes, that we will be talking more about in the coming months, to improve the time it takes for service, and decrease the wait time.  Of course, we are limited in the number of tables. 

    Debbie, we really appreciate your dedication to us, and I look forward to keeping you happy.  Please let us know if there is anything at all we can do.  Maybe you have some great suggestions for our menu that we haven’t thought of?  And no, it’s not time consuming! 

    Thanks again Debbie.  Carl

    Comment by Carl Avery  on  8/30  at  10:19 am


  3. Hi guys,

    Now, I LOVE manis.  Love the food, love the service, love the yogiccinos.  Yesterday was a little rigid and weird.  I asked for a bagel and cream cheese to go.  When I got it, I asked that it be sliced for me.  I was told, “No.  We only do that if you want it toasted.”  Huh?  Really?  I can see that perhaps she was trained just to put the bagel in a bag if it’s not toasted and not slice it.  But, are people really trained to refuse to slice a bagel if the customer requests it?  The annoyance stuck with me for quite awhile.  Really, is that worth it?  Is this really an unbending policy?  Or was she new?  Seems like such a small thing…

    Comment by Julie  on  2/25  at  10:09 am


  4. Julie and Mani’s peops—the rigidity that you’re feeling—i certainly validate .. it feels like there’s a whole new crew ladened with angst oblivios awareness. I have witness the service deteriorate… it feels like there is little to no customer service awareness.  Just recently, the lack of awareness i witnessed was shocking.  It was a saturday night 10feb07, and there were 3 waitresses on, and 2 guys behind the counter and they ignored me and my boyfriend sitting outside.  I had to go to the counter to order, and then 3 more attempts within a 30 minute window of waiting…  for a mocha and a hot chocolate only to get a luke warm hot chocolate that was a dennys version of the mani’s hot chocolate i know… and we got a freakin iced blended drink.. talk about the worst customer service ever … i ve ever had at mani’s.  I wrote in a email and didn’t even hear back from Carl or Larry?  You guys gotta know waht these kids are doing when you’re not looking.. it makes everybody look like noone cares.  The general energy was—customers are secondary, sidework and working are primary.  A very big dissappointment. A Kind of a strange contrast compared to all the positive experiences we’ve had at Mani’s over the years.

    Comment by debbie Gilbertson  on  2/25  at  5:15 pm


  5. Dear Debbie & Julie:

    Thank you both for taking the time to post your recent experiences, even though they were dissapointing and frustrating.

    No one appreciates going out to a restaurant and getting poor service and/or poorly prepared food or beverages.

    I appologize for that and if you’d contact me directly at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) we can see how to rectify our shortcomings.

    So often people see how busy it is at Mäni’s and think we’ve hit the magic to produce all we do.  But in reality running a bakery/restaurant is a daily challenge.  With new staff coming and trained staff leaving, it’s an issue we share with our industry.

    With that said, behind the scenes we’re working on giving our guests the quality and service they expect every time they come to Mäni’s.

    Until we get to that point, perfection is something we will continue to strive towards.  We who manage Mäni’s are still learning as we all are in life.  And we throughly intend to improve.

    Thank you and all our guests for your support.  And your feedback does help.

    Comment by Larry Maiman  on  3/10  at  10:13 am


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