Your 400 Calorie Experience to Date


What has been your 400 Calorie Menu experience?  I want to know how you like to use this convenient nutrition option, and please feel free to ask for advice on how to improve your daily nutrition (if you are interested in improving your daily nutrition).

My personal clients have told me a lot about their personal experience with the incorporation of Mäni’s 400 calorie menu into there daily eating plans.  For instance, one of my client’s just loves the “Mountain Climber.”  Her biggest concern was to make sure that we were not going to be taking it off the menu for the Fall.  In a pinch, my clients sometimes rely on the 400 calorie menu for multiple easy meals during the same day.  If they know that they aren’t going to be able to take the time to eat properly, they will order a few items to go so that they have nutritious meal options for themselves during their chaotic workday.

Have you tried any of the 400 calorie items yet?  If you haven’t, why not?

  1. I had the chicken wrap with the mango.  It was good, but a little bland.  Next time, I think I’ll ask them to add some guacamole.  Of course, that would increase the calories above 400 probably.  Oh well…life’s short.  Otherwise, keep up the good work.

    Comment by Steve Gottfried  on  9/21  at  11:44 am


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  3. We are thinking about doing a menu that is 500 calories or less. There is much to consider when doing this.  You want the food to taste good, yet you want to help people eat within their means.  It is a tricky job. We have traveled to many places and keep looking for the perfect balance.

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